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She Be Queen

Author/artist SANDRA WRIGHT’s poetry meets pictures scavanged from her life on earth. A unique limited run of poems and their partner collages. 

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Word Shaman

poems are slashes on the pillow

sunlight breaking into a dark room

abstract paintings to drown

       into your senses


poems tell whirlwind stories

       write worlds of words

       torch revelations to arouse

poems demand attention             

       drip rolling metaphors

       into waterfalls of messages

tinkering is the poet’s affliction

obedient to perfection’s addiction

an alchemist turning words into gold


a poet is a mystic

       dances verses of supreme power

       chants choruses of phrases

       a lyricist spinning into the infinite

a poet slits veins

       spilling mystic heart’s piercings

       to compose life into poetry

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Bottle of Flowers

the world is awake


you sleep on……………

 enclosed in a bud of a dark room

I enter with flowers of pleasure

stick them in a bottle

leave a note

to say I’ll be waiting in the jungle

bring your phone with the hot spot

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Skin Walker

I am night walker

     who howls for my lost skin

I am shape shifter

     fashioned in frightened blue flesh

     and natty spikes of twisted black hair

I am entrapped

     in old habits of tribal do’s and don’ts

     other’s flesh

     drape my body

     caress and shame me

I am old shadow woman

     my coverings folded in tapestries

rainbow masks strapped onto my face   

I am skin spirit of my youth

     who walks in reminders

     when stars of self lit my bosom

I watch red ribbons of fear

     stream down windows

     where my child peeks out

I am dream walker

     spiraling in sustained mystery

     whose lush spirits pound to be released

I become ghost fury

      planting seeds in the midnight rain

          twirling a fancy dance

     step stomping on shredded skin

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Kiss that Frog

kiss that frog

there’s no prince

coming to rescue you

there’s no magic to behold

life is a joke

laughter is the solution

to ease the pain of expectations

take time to enjoy your story dynamics

its plops and leaps

go ahead

kiss that frog

smack your own into his slimy spirit

forget your skeletons of the past

stuff then down to where they belong

so kiss that frog

accept all of his ugliness

create your own dream of jumping joy

welcome the power of absurdity and change

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