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Scott Jones

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Scott Jones has written hundreds of articles and columns for many newspapers and magazines in the USA and Thailand, authored five books (Flesh and Blood and DNA, an action/adventure novel exploring genetic engineering and its sequel, TURNABOUT: Flesh and Blood and DNA Finale; Life in the Laugh Lane: facts, fiction, and photos in Asia, and its sequel, Can you spare me a smile?, and Five Lives One Dream, a metafiction novel of action, love, and adventure which spans the spectrum from severely humorous to deadly serious).

Over the years, he has performed his unique style of original music, comedy, and stand-up photography in Asia, Canada, and all fifty states in America. He currently edits and designs other authors’ books while living in the USA and Thailand with his wife and two huskies, Sirius and Aurora, the Exalted Rulers of Their General Vicinity.

Scott was born in Fargo, North Dakota, but he takes pills for it.

Flat landscape in North Dakota

Landscape near Fargo, North Dakota. Visual proof that the Earth is flat. Nothing out there to see and nothing to get in the way of seeing it. FYI: The North Dakota State tree is on the left.


Those are wise words for authors. Check out the book excerpts page to feel the invisible power of an experienced editor. Below you’ll find a few recent projects so you can make up your own mind about King Cobra Press services. You’ll have to imagine all the brochures, signs, press releases, and marketing who-ha I produced for these elephant websites. (Who’d’ve thought a North Dakota boy would be researching, designing, and creating exhibits for the Elephant Culture Museum? Not me.)



And a literary site…

Visit Pleasant DeSpain’s website… his book was edited and designed inside and out by King Cobra Press. His Wikipedia page is still pending in review. (Last I checked, the Wiki volunteers said to be patient. “He’s Number 3,000 in the queue.”)


What Drives ME?

The Mission

In order to write about life, you first need to live it.”
― Ernest Hemmingway

“Those who write are writers. Those who wait are waiters.”
― A. Lee Martinez

Life is short. Make it wide.”
― Someone I quote quite often